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    The industry believes that this year "over two quarters ," the discount and brand inventory pressure."The pressure from two aspects, " Ikawa Wool Knitting Co.With the improvement of living standards of the second-tier cities , the future of the fashion market will gradually radiate to the second-tier cities. Air Jordan 13 Fur AAA Reporters from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security informed that in the first half of this year , there were 16 areas to adjust the minimum wage, the minimum monthly wage less than the average increase of 17% , significantly lower than last years 25 to adjust the minimum wage in the region of 22% of average growth.While large companies can more effectively avoid risks.

    Although many companies believe that the current cotton cotton prices almost "crazy" , but the market is generally expected that in the case of supply and demand imbalance , the cotton market staged crazy prices will continue for some time .Consumer prices fall and winter clothing market with 23 percent of cold air invasion, major shopping malls in Guangzhou fall and winter clothes have been listed, to withstand the coldest weather jackets , sweaters, sweaters , also shelves .These companies have the same labor cost advantage of domestic enterprises also enjoy preferential tax relief given by the Chinese government , plus they have the technology , management strengths and reputable well-known brands in the international market to domestic bring enormous pressure to survive, so that most of the domestic manufacturers increasingly slim profit margins . Air Jordan 4(IV) AAA " Although the latter tend to relatively small pieces of luxury purchases , such as a purse or belt , etc.In addition , under the cotton prices driven by other apparel fabrics such as synthetic fibers , there are different degrees of increase .

    Jordan 8 High Heels 90 percent , reaching its lowest level in the fourth quarter of 2009 .Jingdong sit tight flow first one , Suning Tesco at 9:00 and 13:00 are beyond the Lynx traffic rank boarded the first two .Moreover, the international community as well as Vietnam, Cambodia , Bangladesh and other peer eyeing, they rely on cheap labor , he kept to the customer s home, the international pull of Chinas garment enterprises to cause a great deal of competitive pressure .

    Each branch of the record read "Implementing Group party called " visible , some party members and cadres branch offered to take a pay cut of 10% - 50% , leading some to give up days off throughout the year in 2009 and overtime allowance , and may require cancellation shuttle.The price of luxury goods can play concept premise that wine should be crying .Often talked about the luxury goods industry , will think of the price of money , high-end positioning , but as the industry practitioners, from wages to the future development prospects, the luxury goods industry in the end is how scarce the golden rice bowl , or just looks glamorous embroidered pillow .Moreover, early single small amount , the price is not high, so many domestic enterprises do not want to do . Nike Air Max 95 360 Men " Wang Junjie sighed , because of the recent Cotton price spike , they offer corresponding rose 20 %, but the customer does not accept , the business is at a standstill .Jingdong As an industry leader, mid loss in eight years , Suning and Gome appliance chain these traditional operators , in order to make money online is obviously just a dream.

    Brand more high double-digit same-store sales growth. Nike Air Max 95 360 Men 066 billion yuan in the first half of this year, 10.2011 , due to the appreciation of the renminbi , cotton and other raw material price volatility , the superposition of many unfavorable factors such as rising labor and energy costs , China s textile and garment enterprises honestly experience the arrival of high-cost era.Yesterday, NetEase data show that traffic and Jingdong Suning Tesco rose significantly.While the Chinese team for the GAP OLDNAVY doing market research found that Chinese version JENNY interpersonal circle requires a lot more than the U.

    Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Cotton price changes Stopped ! 2012 cotton price trend or will occur N wordWenzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine , according to statistics , from January to July , Wenzhou, France seized clothing trade fell 14% on the export markets in Europe and the United States the situation is more severe , a decline of over 10 %.Moreover, some industry insiders also pointed out that "foreign brand" to enter the domestic luxury professional team will help nurture and expand , promote the development of domestic industries.


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